Janitorial Services

Service Description

Our cleaning services are grouped under the following broad categories:

  • a.  Pre-Janitorial Cleaning Services: The total cleaning of site to restore its primordial aesthetic beauty before the commencement  of  janitorial  services through which it is maintained.
  • b.  Janitorial Cleaning Services: The deployment of our tested staff to undertake daily cleaning of sites.
  • c.  Periodic Cleaning Services: An essential corollary of daily janitorial cleaning  is  the  need  to  have comprehensive and all encompassing periodic cleaning particularly where daily cleaning may not be visible.

Our Core competence includes but not limited to:

  • General cleaning of new / renovated Buildings
  • Pest Extermination Services (Fumigation)
  • Polishing of Parquet / Wooden Floor
  • Trimming and dressing of Flowering Plants
  • Cleaning : (Swimming pool Tiles and Water treatment)
  • Floor Waxing
  • Wall Washing
  • Drainage Clearing
  • Honing of Marble / granite
  • Cleaning of Carpets / upholstery
  • Waste Management: (soak away / septic tank clearance) etc.,

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